You + this book can change the world

Our world doesn't need another book. It needs an idea that could change it.

If ever there was a book that deserved and was destined to be the new #1 best-seller, ‘Chapter One’ is it. It’s amazing.

— Steve McKnight, best-selling author and property investment expert

Daniel Flynn is a rare breed who thinks differently, turning the world upside down and inside out in order to make it a better place. This book is a manifesto that may just change the world...

— Darrell Wade, co-founder of Intrepid Travel

Steve Jobs said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do”. I think Daniel is that crazy.

— Janine Allis, founder of Boost Juice

Meet the author

Daniel had the incredible opportunity to be part of the Obama Foundation Summit in 2018 and was interviewed by President Barack Obama.

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A first of its kind

We've read many books that are written in hindsight once an organisation or idea has 'made it'. But we've never seen a book written chapter by chapter as the story goes. How many decades will it take to write this book? How many chapters will there be?

For every book you've ever read, you've likely only played the role of the reader. But in this book you are both the reader and the social investor in an idea that could change the course of history. 100% of the profit from Chapter One funds Chapter Two, the future of Thankyou.

We've discovered that we each have the power to change stuff. You can change the status quo, the industry you find yourself in, the social problem you see, or the trajectory of your team, organisation, and your life. In this book we've taken you behind the curtain more than most expected us to, in the belief that what we've found could help you on your journey.

What you get

This book is a story of epic proportions with practical steps to help you flip conventional thinking, discover your purpose and help your ideas to breakthrough. It's more than just our story, it has insights to help you build resilience on your journey to making your ideas and dreams a reality.

About the book

The moment you open Chapter One, something will feel different. It appears to have been printed the wrong way. But that’s the point. Everything about Chapter One was designed to challenge convention and help you stretch your thinking to what’s possible.

Initially, we launched the book with a pay-what-you-want-price (check out the launch video here). Retailers thought it wouldn’t work, and in Australia (where a bestselling book is lucky to sell 5,000 copies and make $50,000 profit), Chapter One raised $360,000 in its first two hours after launch. Some people paid a few cents for a copy, and others paid hundreds, some thousands — the highest paid for one copy sits at $50,000! Chapter One went on to raise AUD $1.4 million in just 28 days, and during its launch into airport bookstores, the sales figures were topped only by the Harry Potter books! It turns out books are like ideas — they travel, and they open doors. After it launched, the journey led us to an interview with Barack Obama, but that’s a story for Chapter Two.

Our goal with this book isn't just to tell you our story but equip you to live out yours too.

Pay What You Want

We always saw pay-what-you-want as a launching pad, which worked for 4 years. You’ll now see that Chapter One has changed and is the owner of an RRP. Why the change? You’ll hear more about why in Chapter Two (apparently, it’s illegal in some countries – what?!), but in short — we needed to make it easier for you to access globally (yes, we now have world-wide shipping!!).

What hasn’t changed? You still get to invest in the future of Thankyou with your purchase of Chapter One, because all the profit from it will still go to funding the future of Thankyou.

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When is Chapter Two coming?

About the author

Daniel is married to Justine (Thankyou co-founder) who he was dating when Thankyou started. He’s father to two children, who he would argue are the most gifted children on earth; son Jedediah and daughter Jordan. Of course, he’s competing with every parent on this claim!

Daniel was 19 when Thankyou began and he’s as passionate today about the vision as the day it started. We've been on this journey for over a decade now but if you asked him where we are at he'd tell you: it's just the beginning.

Outside of Thankyou, Daniel's really passionate about others making their own ideas and dreams a reality. He believes that everyone has the power to do something extraordinary and make a remarkable impact on the world.


You + this book can change the world

100% of profits from Chapter One will help end global poverty by funding the future of Thankyou. Join us.

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